About the Editor

Melissa resides in Ontario, Canada, is wife to Justin, mom to Wesley (5) and Amelia (2), disciple of Jesus, and freelance editor to the aspiring and established authors who choose to trust her with their prized manuscripts.

After graduating from college with a Bachelors degree in Religious Education, Melissa worked several jobs in the field of administration, both for non profits and private medical practices.

Quite by accident, the world of editing opened up to Melissa when her writing sister decided to self-publish her first novel. From there, she was hooked. Being detail-oriented and astute at mining for errors, she quickly found an avenue through which her gifts shone.

Getting lost in a good book is something Melissa claims as her greatest hobby and some of her earliest and fondest memories centre around story times with her parents and siblings.

The art of creating good flow by eliminating errors, rearranging text, and looking for inconsistencies is something Melissa does not take lightly. It is her sincere hope that any work edited by her hand would allow the reader to get truly lost in the greatness of the story as it shines its very brightest.